A cross-centre platform of the Helmholtz Asscociation.

The Joint Lab Model and Data Driven Materials Characterization (MDMC) will establish a central, correlative experimental methodology platform of the latest multiscale and multidimensional characterization, analytics and simulation methods.

The platform will be open to users from different scientific disciplines, and may be used to acquire scientific and technical information which may be applied for the design of multiscale and cross-process models of materials and biological systems.

The establishment of JL-MDMC is supported by funds from the Helmholtz Association Research Area Information, the Helmholtz Innovation Pool MDMC and the participating Helmholtz centres.


Provide access to state-of-the-art characterization. Link characterization, analysis, modeling & applications. Develop experimental basis for the "digital twin".

Work Program

Create a multi-method platform as a user facility. Develop a concept for a central data platform. Demonstrate an integrated workflow for three use cases.

Impact & Risks

Sustainably secure a leading position in characterization. Extend correlative approaches to other techniques. Complexity of data from correlative techniques.

Competences & Resources

Research infrastructures in the Helmholtz Association. Expertise in electron microscopy, NMR and X-rays. Data science expertise in J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre.