New Instrumentation

Cross-Sector Technology Transfer

enables new possibilities of miniaturised magnetising devices

Development of magnetising lab-on-a-chip with miniaturised coils for in situ TEM experiments (FZJ) based on existing expertise in design and fabrication of NMR micro-coils (KIT).

Ultrafast Detection Scheme

facilitates high-dimensional data-driven microscopy

Integration of new generation of hybrid pixel sensors (DESY) with <200 ps time resolution onto TEM systems (FZJ) to speed up 4D-STEM applications (FZJ, KIT).

Integrated Multi-Modal Platform

allows for simultaneous correlative characterisation

Simultaneous NMR & X-ray multi-contrast imaging of dynamic processes: chemical / electrochemical reactions, phase transitions, catalysis, corrosion, biofilms, self-healing mechanisms in polymer composites, etc.