The Joint Lab Model and Data Driven Materials Characterization is a cross-centre platform of the Helmholtz Association.

The joint lab model and data driven materials characterization offers seminars on a regular basis. Please find below past and upcoming events.

If you are interested to join, please contact our coordination team.

March 2023

2nd Workshop



3rd Seminar
Focus Group Correlative Characterization

Speaker: Claire Ortmann (FZJ) /
Sabrina Berkamp


June 2022

2nd Seminar
Focus Group New Instrumentation

Speaker: Sangjun Kang (KIT)


Simultaneous Mapping of Magnetic and Atomic Structure of Ferromagnets using Ltz-4D-STEM

Mai 2022

1st Seminar
Focus Group Correlative Characterization / Advanced image analysis

Speaker: Richard Thelen (KIT) /
Julian Mossmann (Hereon)

Successful Correlated Characterization, bridging the gab between devices

February 2022

1st Workshop

March 2021



 to be announced here