Correlative characterization
Advanced image analysis

KNMFi at KIT. In collaboration with Y. Yu, IMTEK and D. Chaissing, KIT.
  • The correlative characterization and advanced image analysis group focusses on establishing best practices and workflows for correlative characterization of functional material systems and the image analysis tools required to enable correlation of the images and extract quantitative information. This work includes the correlation of microCT, nanoCT, SEM and TEM data, including in situ data. Markers for correlative characterization across these techniques will be defined and their automated identification and use for image registration will be implemented. As part of this, developments in image processing, such as noise reduction and feature extraction, will be incorporated.
  • Strong links with the (meta)data management group exist, where the metadata required for correlative imaging will be defined. The group is lead by Dr. Berit Zeller-Plumhoff and Dr. Julian Moosmann from Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon.
  • A group seminar is taking place every 6 months. The first seminar took place on May 9th 2022, where Richard Thelen from KIT gave a talk on typical obstacles, challenges and limitations associated with correlative characterization.